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IC Code :Some IC can be used for another

Today issue we will talk about Integrated Curcuits or we usually call IC . We all know that the components of a mobile phone are not just only microphone, speaker,antenna and screen to lead that mobile phone works properly. One of the most important components is IC , which is not just one IC but there are many ICs that work together.See the picture below (IC has a square shape)

mobile n73
Nokia N73
Nokia N73 PCB board

We are telling that the same brand mobile phone, some parts can be used to replace for another. For example below ,PA 3310-color phone can be replaced by PA 3310-black&white phone.This is because there is the same IC code.

mobile same ic

Now you know that some parts can be used for many phones (required the same brand only).We have the collections of the parts for many expensive and luxury phones for you.See the table below

For the green table above you now know that you will use which part or which code to replace for another phone.For example 7370 and 6125 ,there are some parts that can be worked together such as,CHARGE,UEM and UPP. Let's move to Sony-Ericsson for table below.

Finally, hope you guys know better about the IC detail.The next time we will give you more for 50 series Nokia and more for samsung as well....See you next time.....

Thank you for good info to website