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Phone Lock :How to unlock your phone with the magic code

What would you do when your phone couldnt be used because of you just not recognise the security code? We have the very easy solution for you guys!!! Let's talk about nokia users who need the security code to unlock mobile phones.

mobile unlock

Actually,the secuirty code for nokia phone is set to be "12345 " for the first time.The reasons for the phone to be changed are;
a) The secondhand phone
b) You have changed the code but you forget.
c) The code has been changed by someone smile

Dont be too worry,every problem has the solutions.The main solutions are;
a) You might have to try typing the random code from "00000 " to "99999", i know it just waste your time, dont you? I dont think you will do it this way.
b) Another way you might do it like a professional by using one of these flash boxes; Tornado Box, NBox or JBox ,etc. Eventhough these boxes will help you generate the new security code in just few seconds , but they are quite expensive to buy that box for just getting the code. If you have that box for your own that would be okay.
c) Or use this way to help you .....follow me now

  • Get your Imei Code by typing *#06# or you can get it from the back of the phone by removing your battery.
  • enter the code to the screen below and dont forget to mark for "I'm legal owner of the phone ..." and then press the generate button.

  • Here we go!!! you now have the magic code , but how to use this code .....of course we will tell you more. Now get your phone and follow step by step.

mobile unlock
mobile code need
Press Unlock
Required Code

  • Enter your 10 digits code that you just have, or you might try another code to prove it .
mobile digit
mobile work
Enter 10 digits Code
Now it works
  • Easy, isnt it? now you might get your new phone lock code for shoter and easier for the next time using.Otherwise you have to remember that long 10 degits code forever. Let's following this step.
mobile tool
mobile setting
1.Go to Tools Menu
2.Go to setting
mobile security
mobile device
3.Go to security
4.Go to Device and Sim
mobile lock
mobile digit
5.Select lock code
6.Enter 10 digits code
mobile new
mobile new
7.Enter new code
8.Enter same new code


Thank you for information to khun DUY flashfly and
khun Djan