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Antivirus Comwarrior:automatic MMS sending,how to kill it?

We have been asked a question that why mobile owners lost their money without calling out or other kinds of using.The answer is the mobile phone might be infected by virus.The phone infected will show the green logo as picture below.

mobile virus

The infected phone will automatically send MMS to another phone .That is the reason why you lost your money without using the phone. Today we will talk about how to get rid of the comwarrior by an easy way. Before that you might need to know how the virus spreading by flow chart below.

If you want to get rid of the virus completely, follow the instructions;

mobile tools
mobile manager
1.Go to Tools Menu
2.Go to Manager to open Application Manager
mobile virus
mobile remove
3.Find Doom 2 cracked DFT v1.0
4.Select Option and choose REMOVE
mobile delete
mobile confirm
5.Press YES to delete
6.Pres YES to confirm
mobile sucess
After get rid of Doom 2 cracked DFT v1.0 then you have to repeat step 3 -5 with the comwarrior too.
8.Remove the Comwarrior
Download F-Comwarrior program at
Transfer the program from No.9 to mobile phone via Card Reader, Bluetooth,DataLink or GPRS.Then open the program and scan to remove "SymbOS.Commwarrior.B", after that shutdown the phone and then reopen to rescan again.
9.Download F-Comwarrior Program
10.Scan Virus

Even you rescan with the F-comwarrior program and find nothing,you might have to get the MMC-Card to be formated on a computer to be sure that there is no virus anymore.